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What is Fibromyalgia?




 Fibromyalgia is a ghost of an ailment; it can cause life-altering pain, but it remains invisible to conventional tests. The condition affects millions of Americans. Thankfully, as awareness of the condition grows, new research offers hope in treating fibromyalgia symptoms and getting pain relief.

It’s Not All In Your Head…

Unfortunately, many with Fibromyalgia are forced to suffer in silence because it is not a well understood disease by many doctors. You might think that you’re all alone when it comes to dealing with your chronic pain, but Dr. Eckert and his staff can bring you relief—without judgement and without pharmaceutical drugs. Nicki’s Story will inspire you to take the next step to getting the relief from Fibromyalgia and chronic pain that you deserve. Click the link below to learn more about living with this disease and how Fibromyalgia Chronic Pain Centers of Central Connecticut LLC can help you become strong, healthy and vibrant again!

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